Below the Belt

Design by Stephan Olson

Full stage photo by Stephan Olson

So allow us to quote from TCI Magazine: 'Surprisingly, the set for Below the Belt, which would be an eye popper in any Broadway house, was designed and built, says Olson, "on what would be considered a small Off Broadway budget. The shop, Brooklyn Scenic, did a great job. They're a young shop and this is their biggest show to date. They did everything. They did all the painting, all the props. They built some of the furniture."' Aw, shucks, Steve!


Full stage shot with Robert Sean Leonard and Judd HirshThe bridge across the back and the stairs that Judd Hirsch is on were an all steel construction.All of the welding was done by Stuart Tygert in our shop. The hand rails were welded on in place after the bridge was hung from the grid. The upstage wall was a wooden frame with corrugated steel sheets fastened on. All of the wood in the show (including the trusses just barely visible on the upper right) were treated to look like steel. Robert Sean Leonard is kneeling at one of the two beds we built. It was necessary to have custom built beds because they had size constraints and had to withstand impact in the fight.

Stage left shot with Judd Hirsch,  Jude Ciccolella and Robert Sean Leonard

Judd Hirsch, Jude Ciccolella and Robert Sean Leonard are seen here in front of the "office", which was masonite panels over wood frames painted to look like steel. The charge painter was Vaughn Patterson, assisted by Chris Syrett.

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