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If you need an efficient way to lose sleep and money then by all means, open a scene shop!

The shop

The shop, with Lolita Saturn Davidovitch in the foreground

Anthony Ferrer 

Prior to teaming up with Tony Rust to form Brooklyn Scenic & Theatrical Anthony was the sole proprietor of A Ferrer Production, a small scene shop that was responsible for numerous Theaterworks USA tours as well as the off Broadway production of The Law of Remains, directed by Reza Abduh at the now demolished Diplomat Hotel; and the NYC, San Francisco and Boston productions of The Night Larry Kramer Kissed Me starring David Drake and directed by Chuck Brown, set design by Jim Morgan. For several years he was the technical director at the Pace Downtown Theater at Pace University. He holds a BFA in Theater from NYU but spent one year happily shivering at SUNY Oswego. He is currently President of the Association of Theatrical Artists and Craftspeople (ATAC) and serves as an editor for The New York Theatrical Sourcebook. In his spare time... okay, if he had any spare time he would be in the park juggling.

e-mail to Anthony@theaterweb.com

Tony Rust

Tony at workTony has been building Theater pretty much forever. Growing up in a teeny town in Wyoming, he built most of the shows he acted in at high school, then continued to do the same as he moved to Oregon, Dallas, Tx. and finally New York City. In New York he was Master Carpenter for the now defunct Riverside Shakespeare for a year including their final parks tour of Loves Labors Lost. That tour is most notable because that's where he and his partner Anthony got to know each other. For eight years after that Tony was Artistic Director of a small OOB company, Quinapalus, where like most Artistic Directors of such small companies he again built most (if not all) the scenery as well as directed, designed and acted in a lot of them.. His favorite show was a reversed gender Taming of the Shrew that he directed and his favorite set was Macbeth; again directing, designing and building.

Finally he realized that he really needed to do less acting and directing and more carpentry, so he hung up his chef's cap (he'd been cooking at a village bistro to pay the rent) and became a freelance carpenter working all over town for several years before he and Anthony made the leap in '94 and started Brooklyn Scenic & Theatrical. As well as fine theatrical carpentry, Tony does leatherwork, including masks and period swordbelts, and carves way too much blue foam for anyones good. He wishes to thank his lovely wife Janet for all her love and allowing him to buy Lolita, his bright red Saturn Station wagon, in which he drives to work and delivers small props.

e-mail to Tony@theaterweb.com

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